Tea my Saviour

This morning it took me twenty minutes and some convincing from my boyfriend to decide that I would actually brave university today. It was warm in my bed, I was tired from last nights escapades at the pub and an hour and a half in public transport seemed rather unappealing.  I finally made it to uni and to my delight a new coffee shop had opened on campus. A slightly rustic looking , small, hole in the wall spot that serves organic gourmet foods.  The best part is they can make tea well. It seems silly to say this but usually if you buy tea its barely brewed or over brewed, there is usually too much milk or so little there is just no point. I sound picky, but its really not hard to make an alright cup of tea.

I took my cup tea for a random morning detour through campus. I realised that the campus is actually quite beautiful especially with the autumn leaves beginning to fall. The sky was clear and vibrant and the air crisp and fresh. I have to say it was a rather enjoyable way to start the day.

Now I am slightly less elated as I sit in my economics lecture but I am much more appreciative about being here, all because of a well made cup of tea. A good cup of tea can make any day better.



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