Que Travel Plans

It safe to say with the semester almost over I can no longer claim “I am just getting back into things”. No, I should be well and truly into the swing of “life” by now. If I am being honest, I have settled a substantial amount. I have found my “routine”,  new everyday habits which seemed to vanish during my travels. However it’s not exactly exciting. Next week I’m off interstate to my last ever gymnastics nationals- I couldn’t be more excited! I’m not excited to compete, I’m excited to finish because it opens up the prospect of international travel again.

When I left for my trip I told my parents I was leaving for the first time one my reasons was that it would make me settled, I’d have travel out of my system and be ready to settle down and focus. Anyone who has travelled before is probably laughing at this. I was so very wrong.  The travel bug is real. Its is an insatiable need. The word need is imperative to understanding how it feels.  I have been able to move past this want until the weekend. My boyfriend took me to see an exhibition of the international nature photographer of the year; a glorious collection of phenomenal photos which would compel anyone to travel.

So to no ones surprise I am planning another trip. This time it is a short 4 week adventure through Vietnam and Cambodia with my friends. High on the list is Halong Bay, Angkor Wat, the killing fields and a nice warm beach.  I would like to ask all those travel experts out there what they recommend?


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