Confessions of an Over the Top Goal Setter

I am the sort of person who finds myself lying awake at 3am because can’t stop thinking. I seem to develop my best ideas, plans and goals when I’m supposed to be asleep. This goes hand in hand with 1000 ideas of things I want to write in my blog. I could rattle off a list right now but I’m just going to post as many of them over the next month. So todays idea is….. getting organised! Some people find this utterly disinteresting but I love to get organised and set new goals!

It is the start of a new semester and like before I find myself unemployed (almost), longing to jump on a plane to some unknown destination and all round disorganised. By that I mean;  I haven’t seen the floor of my room in the past month and organisation in my study means piles of paper. My break consisted of socialising, sleeping and spending money I don’t really have. Sounds like the typical life of every student I know and your probably wondering how I can call myself a goal setter. 

Well, I got a little bit over this disorganisation and lack of direction. I love a bit of mess for a while, its relaxing not to be working towards something ( especially after 15 years as an elite gymnast) but after a while I start to get an itch. I seem to always get this itch, it;s the want to achieve, try something new and challenge myself. Now travel would fix this but unfortunately I’m not in the financial position to travel so I have to set some goals! To be honest even when I travelled I had goals. 

So a quick phone call to my friend and I have a long list of things I want to achieve in the next six months: make my bed everyday and keep my shit organised ( sounds simple but I’m terrible at this), floss EVERYDAY ( another simple task), make my lunches every week, write in  my blog regularly,  get a distinction average and get into law ( this is probably my biggest goal), run a half marathon in under 2 hours, do a triathlon, swim a 1.5km ocean swim , get a job and save to travel (anywhere!). Now the world nows maybe I will stick to some of them. 

I already have my training plans down  and I’ve made my bed 3 days in a row plus this weeks lunch is made… so far so good, it’s just keeping up the enthusiasm. I usually burn out when things get busy and the little goals get lost.

Is anyone else an avid goal setter? I am all for goal setting it has led me to do some great things like compete for Australia, hike the Inca Trail and self fund a trip around the world. Has anyone else done something amazing?

Stay tuned for pictures of the Inca Trail. 


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