Healthy Living

Now I have always been pretty healthy.  Being an elite gymnast ensured that I was usually eating right and always exercising, but it also lead to intense diets, overtraining and a lot of stress. Luckily my mum is really into health foods and had always educated me on how to eat well so everything was going alright. However a year of travelling left my diet in shambles and my fitness got lost somewhere in Barcelona. My first semester of uni was not much better, filled with delicious asian food, late night study snacks and little exercise. Plus I spent a ridiculous amount of money buying food on campus.

If you can just picture my situation right now…there is a girl in front of me eating what looks like a delicious pizza teamed with a slice of garlic bread in all its buttery glory, while munch on some unsalted cashews. Do I want that pizza? HELL YES! It seems a little silly though to spend the money on something that isn’t good for my body and will probably make me feel sick. I just can’t justify it and I can always get a pizza when we go out on the weekend. So I’m going to munch on my cashews proudly.

This semester it’s all about a healthy lifestyle for me… no more bought lunches, healthy snacks and loads of exercise. Over the break I completed the I Quit Sugar 8 week program and this was a really great way to kick off this change. I am not going to lie to anyone quitting sugar is really hard, especially when you have to cut out fruit, but it is so worth it. Firstly it forces you to cook for yourself, secondly, it forces you to think about what you are eating and best of all the less sugar you eat the less you crave crap. It is a bit boring at times and there are those days when you just want to eat crap for sheer enjoyment and this is where balance comes in, I think its fair to eat crap sometimes if it makes you happy or the social situation calls for it.

I’m cooking my meals for the week…. not only that I’m making delicious nutrition dense food. I am falling in love with kale, spinach and quinoa…they really are as great as everyone says. I’m  running, swimming, going to classes and doing yoga. I am staying organised too make everything a little less stressful. Best of all I am making time to do fun, new and exciting things with the people I love.

I sound ridiculously corny and overly positive. I promise to post about the negative sides as well because I’m not a robot but I just wanted to share how happy and positive I really feel!




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