You are Only Human

So last weekend I ran the City- 2-Surf, a 14km run in Sydney that goes from the CBD to Bondi Beach. It was the first time I have ran over 5km in over a year… this is pretty scary considering my half marathon is in 6 weeks. I was really happy with my time but what came after was disappointing.

I fell of the wagon, that is to say in my post City-2-Surf hunger I indulged in a packet of lollies and a Powerade. T hen at post city to surf celebrations ice-cream and berries and so it began a week of sugar! I ate lollies more lollies at home that night then through out the week I could not stop! I wasn’t eating packets of lollies everyday but I did indulge in various sugar loaded goodies like cranberries, “healthy muffins” and chai lattes. Here is the worst part- the more I ate, the more guilty I felt and then the more I ate. It is an evil cycle and really hard to break! I was amazed at how lethargic I felt and how moody I was, I obviously didn’t realise how good being sugar free made me feel. 

Over the weekend I spent some time reflecting on the whole situation. There is no problem with having sugar from time to time, indulging myself. I went into quitting sugar with the intention that it wouldn’t be seen as a diet or a pact but more of a lifestyle change. Obviously over the weekend I forgot this and then fell into what I call “the guilt eating cycle”. I had to remind myself that I am only human, I’m not going to mess up some times and that is ok. It is ok to celebrate an achievement or spend a week relaxing. Instead of worrying about what I was eating I probably should have been celebrating my achievement, albeit small, and using it as motivation for my future goals. 

It is a new week and I’m ready to refocus! The weather outside is terrible but I won’t let that stop me, I’ve gone back to my sugar free and I’m working on new challenges. Persistence is key!



P.S. Thanks to Lululemon for the awesome top, it was a great surprise!


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